Auf ein Neues!

A happy, sucessful and happy year 2018 to everybody!

i am looking back on a very successful year, providing me with an optimistic view towards the fututr. So much travelling, so many exting new people, so many marvellous moments!

After being on tour for 2 months and having played 50 shows in 8 weeks I start a little slower this year with some studiowork and some smaller concerts. I am very happy to record the new trio record of my good buddy Thorsten Praest , it´s gonna be a blast!

I attached some of the nicest moments combined with some videos of the tour to this blog. All new dates can be found at Events/Tour as always.

Let´s go 2018!

Karlovy vary

Tasting all the healthy water springs in Karlovy Vary (CZ)

Solivan Quartett

Sightseeing with Marianne Solivan in Gliwice (PL)


Playing with Petr is so much fun!

Sono club

Full house at Sono Club in Brno (CZ)


Preparing for a video shoot with Audrey Martells


I simply love my toys!

Duisburg 1

Jazz is fun!

Duisburg 2

Fantastic night in a church in Duisburg (DE)


Last show of the tour in the theatre in Lindau. Great place :-)