What a fantastic tour with Elisabeth Lohninger! 18 concerts in 20 days, always well attended, I am very thankful for that!

Now entering the stage with Beat Kaestli´s new program, right before some shows with Audrey Martells at the end of the…

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Again I had a very vice time with Audrey Martells, some extra shows in November are still coming up.

The rest of the month I spent in my studio recording for various artists, among them was also the slovakian project "No more animosity"


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Wow this was a quick month!

I had a blast recording Thorsten Praest´s new album in my studio among with a lot of other tracks for Helmut Wiemer and Dima Sirota, so the place was really burning ;-)

In addition to that I had some nice concerts…

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So many touching moments at the Summerjazz and Vocaljazz Workshops again this year! I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with such wonderful people.

Coming up are a lot of drumrecordings in my studio for Kölsch Kultur, Dima Sirota and…

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Some time has passed again, but I had the best reason for it: By the end of June my little son was born and I rather spend some time with my little family...

Nevertheless a lot of stuff happened:

I had a blast with

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Late again, but I have good reasons for that ;-) I´m working on several production and I have to prepare various concert programs...

April was a little quiet after the C3 workshop, but I really enjoyed to have some private life after all again.


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Hi everybody,

a little belated but here is the next blog

March has been a pretty intense month and I am happy to have some quieter weeks now.

Again the C-workshop in Kiel was a lot of fun, nowadays it almost feels like a family gathering.…

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For those who doubt it, the 1st of March is the beginnig of meteorological spring and I release a new blog

I had the big pleasure to play a big show with the new project "Crossharmonic Orchestra" in January. You fill find a videoclip of it further…

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A happy, sucessful and happy year 2018 to everybody!

i am looking back on a very successful year, providing me with an optimistic view towards the fututr. So much travelling, so many exting new people, so many marvellous moments!


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