Full throttle for a month...

This was quite a month! So many jobs with so many different people, so much writing music and learning it! I am late again with the blog as well since I am playing on the drupa trade show in Düsseldorf every day.

My personal highlights in May were Orange Sunday, my trip to London and the  Hildener Jazztage. There will be video footage soon.

June started with several  Phishbacher and GUT clubgigs, while playing at the trade fair in Düsseldorf at daytime. Now we have the European soccer tournamenr and it will become a little slower, giving me time for some studio work , including my dear friend Dima Sirota.

Finally i can be found @instagram as well. Look for @ulfstricker

Here is some footage from teh Phishbacher meets Fischbacher show in Cafe Agogo Düsseldorf:

Hildener Jazztage 1

my setup at the Hilden Jazzfestival. Multitasking at its best!

Hildener Jazztage 2

front view, a rare situation with three drummers ;-)