So much work

i am really exhausetd after a packed March and there is still a lot to come..

It was a great pleasure to teach in Kiel again. So many energetic and motivated young people! Bevor that I recorded the new album of Markus Segschneider and did a lot of concerts.

In april a lot of nice things are waiting for me: We play with Phishbacher two days at the Jazzahead in Bremen and with  GUT at Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf. Furthermore I will work for Head of Event  again after five years and play a solo performance with dancers and visuals on a corporate event. in addition to that we start rehearsing with Kölsch Kultur and there is still the Hildener Gitarrenmeeting and the Drummermeeting  @ Drummers Institute. it won´t get boring for sure...

Here are some videos from some concerts I did in March. Enjoy!


Recording setup for Markus Segschneiders new album

Sol Kulturbar

Taking a bow after the show (left to right):

Daniel Sok, Anton Fialko, Mic Thieme, me, Martin Hötte

Die Batterie

It was a lot of fun with "Die Batterie" in Düsseldorf!