Much too late, but I was too busy...

The tours with Steve Clarke,Elisabeth Lohninger and Beat Kaestli were highly successful…

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Hi @ all!

Being on the road all the time I had no time to do a September blog, so here is an update for two months ...

I spend a wonderful time at the Hellazz

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Being on the road a lot in July I face a lot of workshops in August. It starts with the Summerjazz in Hilden, followed by Vocaljazz.…

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I am late again but for good reasons, just too many things going on these days. My new studio will be finished soon and I am looking forward to presenting some results here. 

June was full of gigs again, including 10 days Drupa Düsseldorf tradefair,…

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This was quite a month! So many jobs with so many different people, so much writing music and learning it! I am late again with the blog as well since I am playing on the drupa trade show in Düsseldorf every day.

My personal highlights in May…

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A little lat, but here is my blog for May!

April was full of highlights, starting from  Guitar Meeting Hilden to  Jazzahead with 

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i am really exhausetd after a packed March and there is still a lot to come..

It was a great pleasure to teach in Kiel again. So many energetic and motivated young people! Bevor that I recorded the new album of Markus 

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Wow, some people made me really work hard on the piano again! Because of "Jugend musiziert" and some very talented young singers I did accompaniment on the piano for the last weeks. It was a lot of fun to "cheat on" the drums for a while...


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I wish a succesful, prosperous  and healthy 2016 to everybody!

This year starts pretty slow with some small gigs and productions so I can really concentrate on finishing my new recording studio.

In December 

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