September/October 2015

The tour goes on and on...

After some minor problems with the ModX CMS in September, I have full access to my website contents again.

After some galas and covergigs in August finally the Phishbacher fall tour started again. Til now we played about 20 shows reaching towards the middle of the tour. Audience numbers are really ok and we already have some nice shows booked for the next year.

During the offday I played drums on two productions in my studio, one for my colleague  Volker Dorsch from Cologne and a romanian rock symphony produced by Joschi Kappl .

Definitely no time to be bored :-)

Craig Lees Band

After a nice gala with Craig Lees Band among nice oldtimers...

Tour Setup

My setup for the Phishbacher Tour before the concert in Usti nad labem (CZ)

Stara Pekarna

Full house in Brno (CZ)

Jazzpoint Wangen Germany

What a great club! I will come back anytime!


One of the nicest clubs in Europe