June 2015

Studio and live full schedule

This may was full of action! Starting with a studiosession for a new drumchannel of BluelinesPerformance Studios Frankfurt for three days, followed up by a mini tour with A.tronic to promote the new album "tangible" , which will be released on Vinyl as well. The concert at Stadtgarten Cologne was taped by WDR. By the end of the month I had a nice time recording @  Peter Krick´s Masterplan Studios for the australian Singer/Songwriter Kyle Pearce, I am very curious about the result! June comes up with lots of Gala and recording stuff, leaving time for writing and rehearsing new tunes with GUT . As always upcoming shows can be found at "Termine/Tour"

Stay tuned!


Peter Krick´s Masterplan Studio in Düsseldorf

masterplan 2

my setup for the Kyle Pearce recordings @ Masterplan Studios Düsseldorf


My setup for the A.tronic WDR concert @ Stadtgarten Cologne


A.tronic in the WDR mobile recroding studio bus.

left to right:

Markus Segschneider, me, Franziska Loos, André nendza, Andreas Wahl

Performance Studios

my setup for the drumchannel recordings @ Performance Studios Frankfurt