August 2014

A really packed summer...

After several gigs maily in the gala business and some productions for example  Ton3 among others, I get back to you...

The Summerjazz Workshop just ended and it was a great pleasure again to work with students for a week in such an intense way. In three weeks we launch the big  Phishbacher fall tour 2014 with about 40 concerts, including some nice and interesting new venues. All concerts can be found in my Schedule here.

Attached are some pictures of various events and some footage from the Hilden Jazzfestival. 

Hope to see you on the tour!

Stage in Olpe

My view on the audience in Olpe :-)

Teachers concert @ the Summerjazz Workshop

left to right:

Tony Lakatos (sax) , Roland Höppner (drums) , Markus Wienstroer (git) , Wally Böcker (kb) , Antonio Farao (piano) , Matthias Bergmann (trp) , Denis Gäbel (sax) , Thorsten Heitzmann (trb) , Molly Duncan (sax) , Axel Fischbacher (git) , Stefan Rademacher (eb) , ich , Mathias Haus (vib)

My studio

Setup for the Ton3 recording