November 2013

Phishbacher tour part 2

Finally the tour is over after 40 concerts and the hustle doesn´t end at all: Following on a Zed Mitchell gig ( iwill work more with him in 2014 again) I play Jazzattack Krefeld and 3 gigs in eastern Germany with my trio GUT. I am really happy about such continuity! You will find more impressions of the tour below. Don´t forget to check my schedule regularly, there is still many good things to come...



Stage @ ZWE Wien

small but nice

Setup Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf

to me one of the nicest clubs in Germany

Nice article announcing our concert in Hilden

Setup in Berlin, Waldo Bar

Oldenburg, Jazzclub Alluvium

A new companion for the tour

Stage in Hamburg

Metronom in Köln

it was sooo packed at the end!

Jazzkeller Tübingen

Straight to a Zed Mitchell gig after the tour

Rainers Rockhaus in Algermissen