August 2013

Summerjazz and A.tronic CD production

This years Summerjazz  was more crowded as ever before with over 80 participants. Especially in the drumdepartment the level of playing was extremly high. I also enjoyed the teachers concert, you rarely get a chance to share the stage with such a huge amount of incredible musicians throughout the year.

After that I continue with Phishbacher rehearsals for the upcoming monster tor in September, 40 concerts in 5 countries. A detailed schedule is in the dates section of my website.

By the end of the month I will record the new A.tronic album in my studio. We already "tested" 12 great songs in the public in 2 concerts in July, now everything will be banned on the harddisc...

Furthermore i am very proud to announce a partnership with Sennheiser. i am one of the promoters for the new Drum Mic A software, a tool to check out drum microphones.



teachers concert

the air is burning, (Molly Duncan on saxophone)

Sennheiser ad