April 2013

GUT Tour!

Well, it´s belated this month, but for a good reason:


The GUT tour lead us to CZ and Slovakia again, revisiting some places from 2012. The concerts were very successful and we pleased the audience with new tunes. We already brought the new CD "Le chien du jazz" with us, which will be officially released on the 17th of May. There is plenty of footage from the tour on Facebook, so here is some additional material my girlfriend filmed.

Right now I just came back from a 3 day Berlin tour, playing some free improvised jazzgigs with Mischa Esch, an ols friend on saxophone. Happy to be with him after 3 years :-)

Furthermore I layed down some tracks for Maceedo, the new album will be done soon.

May will be full of productions and gigs. Stay tuned!





Stage in Kutna Hora

The first Gig of the GUT tour

Karate Goran

Kutna Hora bone church

Interesting way to get rid of bones...

Bone church 2

somehow scary...

Czech Red Bull

tastes different and better :-)

Tabor 1

Market square in Tabor (CZ)

Stage in Tabor (CZ)

we also address children with our music...

Poster in Tabor

that´s how concert announcements should be...

Stage in Zdar nad Sazavou (CZ)

meet Cpt. Nemo...

Stage in Kladruby (CZ)

Fusion in a rehabilitation centre

The GUT Schlepptett

some ways to the stage are quite long...

Jazzclub Havirov (CZ)

Nice ceiling works...

Ruzomberok (SK)

Good way to recycle old TVs