December 2012

On tour with the Lohninger quintet

Time really flew this months and I am sitting in the tourbus again. This time I am with the Elisabeth Lohninger Quintett, consisting of Axel Fischbacher, Walter FischbacherNico BrandenburgElisabeth Lohninger and myself. We just played two concerts in Germany and enjoy the snow in Austria now...

Attached are some videos and photos of the Phishbacher autumn tour. Enjoy!

Stage in Enns (AT) , a lot of space for three people ;-)

Phishbacher live in Neumünster

Phishbacher live in neumünster, Germany

Dreaming while drumming...

Tour communication Vol 1

Tour communication Vol 2

Applause in Tabor (CZ)

Great stage @ Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf

Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf

Finally a grand for Walter!