April 2012

On the road with Phishbacher

Hello from Slovakia! After the GUT tour in February I am coming back with Phishbacher again. Furthermore we listen to recordings of the evening before every day to outsource material for a live CD planned for autumn. In one week I start to play with Elisabeth Lohninger , this tour will be taped as well.

Attached are impressions and some press articles of Phishbacher.



Spring Tour 1

First tourgig in Meerbusch, Germany

Spring tour 2

Take a bow in Nove Mesto nad Vahom (SK)

Too much stuff to pack!

preparing for the gig in Prachatice (CZ)

Press article about the concert in Zülpich (Germany)

Blue Note in Nove Mesto nad Vahom (SK)

This gig was fun!

Blue Note 2

The master himself...

Blue Note 3

What a great club!

Blue Note 4

heating up...

and onto the next stage...

another article...