News August/September 2011

New CDs and big company events

Back in good old Germany! The CD recording went pretty well and I will see New York again for some gigs at the end of November. These days I am working on a drumshow for Fujitsu Computers. The event also includes a concert of superstar Anastacia. This highlight is presented by Head of Event again. October is filled up by a Phishbacher tour again. In addition to that we have to new releases of "Thegrooves" a language course with groovy music of the respective coutries in the background. I played the drums on all tracks. Besides of the annual Summerjazz we recorded the tracks for the new  Phishbacher "Journey to turtleland" CD in my studio.







Schwedisch lernen mit the grooves

learn swedish with my grooves on this CD...

polnisch lernen mit The Grooves

learn the polish language with my grooves on this album