Biography / Press

Ulf Stricker rides the crest of a new wave of drumset artists who boldly incorporate indigenous acoustic percussion and electronic triggers/samplers. Known for a bright rimshot snare backbeat and solid, earthy tom/bass drum tones, Ulf's command of electronics is such that he can generate provocative sequences, backing tracks (including spoken word!) and accompany them with his drumset, in effect creating a "one-man band" for clinics and concerts. To this mix, he adds a multitude of timbres from percussion instruments, played in real time. Indeed, he enjoys the "best of both worlds".

Born in Germany on April 16, 1977, Ulf has always been surrounded by music, thanks to his parents' huge and diverse record collection. For as long as he can remember, Ulf heard music from dawn to dusk in the family home.

Interestingly, he did not begin life as a drummer, banging the usual pots and pans. Rather, when he was six, Ulf's parents bought a piano and set up lessons under a German program entitled musikalische Früherziehung. His progress was quick and his musicality so developed that at age ten he was invited join the Hilden Youth Symphonic Orchestra as a triangle and cymbal player. During his tenure with the symphony, a veteran timpanist assumed the role of Ulf's drum teacher, revealing techniques for snare drum, timpani and mallet instruments. In the meantime, Ulf kept up his piano studies and won accolades as a classical pianist.

Following the path of adolescents the world over, Ulf gravitated to jazz and rock, switching to drumset at age fifteen. It was drums, not piano, that Ulf chose to pursue after completing high school in 1996. His search for post-secondary music training widened beyond German borders.

At the Arnheim Institute of Arts in the Netherlands, Ulf had the opportunity of learning from true masters of the instrument, including René Creemers, of the renowned percussion duo Drumbassadors, and Joop van Erven. Since graduating in 2001, Ulf has made a living as a professional drummer and teacher. He has performed in a variety of musical genres with well-known European and American artists, including Bob Mintzer, Peter Weniger, Manfred Brundell, Roy Louis and Kelly Clarkson. During solo and clinic appearances, Ulf has shared the stage with Dave Weckl, Horacio Hernandez, Thomas Lang, Gavin Harrison, Dennis Chambers,Kirk Covington and many others. Ulf Stricker proudly endorses DW Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Latin Percussion, Remo Drumheads and Roland Electronics.