A properous and successful 2019 to everybody!

Too much stuff was going on in November and December, so here is a brief summary:

I had a fantastic week in November with Beat Kaestlis "Rock my R&B" program, 80s rocksongs in exiting new arrangements.

After that I had an almost sold out tour with Audrey Martells, so rewarding and inspiring!

Furthermore TON3 released finally their album, featuring my drumtracks recorded over 4 years ago ;-)

The rest of December I was mainly busy playing corporate events finishing with the highlight: The "Weihnachtssingen" at the Düsseldorf football stadium with 30000 people!

I am extremly thankful for all the wonderful things that happened in 2018: Marriage and the birth of my son , so I just wish that everything stays like that in 2019 ;-)

I will start at a slow pace in January with some corpoate events and productions in the studio. Like that I can enjoy family time at home even more...

Be happy everyone!



Playing stara pekarna in Brno (CZ) is always fun!


Beat Kaestli´s Rock my R&B at Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf


My toys for teh Beat Kaestli tour...


What a nice usage of old drums ;-)


Christmas singing with 30000 people. Amazing!


Gala event at Capitol Düsseldorf