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Samstag, Okt 01, 2016


Hi @ all!

Being on the road all the time I had no time to do a September blog, so here is an update for two months ...

I spend a wonderful time at the Hellazz Workshop in Greece and I will have beautiful memories from this for quite some time. All other workshops were very successful as well. Meanwhile I also recorded for a lot of projects in the studio, including the Romanian band  "Phoenix"  and the Cologne based bands "Kölsch Kultur" and "Paroli"

I just came back from a concert trip to the UK and now I prepare for the upcoming tours in October. First I play some concerts with the Steve Clarke Trio, follow by an 18 concert trip with Elisabeth Lohninger , promoting her new CD  "Eleven Promises" 

All dates are online already, I am looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar and new faces at the venues.

Stay tuned

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Mittwoch, 26.10.2016

with Elisabeth Lohninger Quartett in Tübingen, Jazzclub

Jazzclub Tübingen
Haaggasse 15,
72070 Tübingen

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