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Freitag, Jun 16, 2017

Juni [Übersetzung ausstehend]

After several weeks I finally found some time to write a new blog. Some productions have been completed in my new studio now and I feel super comfortable there. To make it short, here is a list of some highlights from the last 4 months:

-moving into the new studio in Hilden

-recording of the new Phishbacher feat. Fischbacher album

-video and audio productions with Helmut A. Wiemer and Kölsch Kultur

-several drum recordings for various artists like Roberto Kel Torres , Maros Stefak and Dima Sirota

- recording and producing various artist like Sascha Klaar and Bullewuh

Right now I am starting new productions for Kölsch Kultur, the studio is realling burning ;-)

Furthermore I will be on the road alot the next weeks with several acts including Audrey Martells and Beat Kaestli. Check out my dates!

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